David Sanchez Falero
Software and Robotic Engineer



My name is David Sánchez Falero. Software Engineer. Interested in Open Source, Machine Learning, Python, Robotic and Mountain Gorillas. Co-organizer of C/C++ Madrid.

Why Open Source?

It's simple, without the open source we wouldn't have the technology or the knowledge we have nowadays. We need it if we want to develop the best science.

Why Machine Learning?

When I was young my dream was to create a robot capable of learning and I have never lost this dream. For this reason, I try to read and learn about Machine Learning, Neural networks and Deep Leanings always I have some time.

Why Python?

I started with Python in 2013 and I fell in love. I love the way of code python, how you can prototype all you want in just hours.

I know that it isn’t as fast as C++, but it is more agile and pretty. It is impressive the few time you need to convert an idea in code.

Why Robotics?

It's my passion. I love to design, build and program my own robots.

Why Mountain Gorillas?

All the people have their secrets love, the mountain gorrillas are mine. I discovered they when I was watching a documentary in the TV “Titus the gorilla king”, when I saw what we were doing with these animals I decided to help with one of the organizations who are helping them, “The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International”.

Why C/C++ Madrid?

I funded C/C++ Madrid with my friend Francisco Fernandez in 2014 because we were looking for a Meetup about it and we didn’t find nothing. I don’t have good skill with C/C++ but it is the language with which I learned to program and one of the most efficient, so I am always trying to improve my level.